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Frank Lloyd Wright Collection®
Licensed by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, we are proud to present T-shirt designs adapted from the work of Frank Lloyd Wright.
Adult T-shirt $23 • Youth T-shirt $17• Longsleeved Tees $29
Click on a design to see a larger image, find out more information, and order.

technical schematic of taliesin

W23 Taliesin

Adult  Sm. - XXL • Navy

Wright's iconic fallingwater waterfall house artist's rendering

W27 Fallingwater Perspective

Adult  Sm. - XXL • Natural

orange square with stylized yellow spiral squares

W19 Whirling Arrows

Adult  Sm. - XXL • Burnt Orange

rendering of Frank Lloyd Wright sytained gleass panels

W21 Waterlilies

Adult  Sm. - XXL • White
Ladies Fitted Tee   Sm. - XL • White

stylized American flags

W18 July 4th

Adult  Sm. - XXL • White
Youth  Sm. - L • White

stained glass rectangles on chocolate

W07 Sumac Windows

Adult  Sm. - XXL • Chocolate

graphic design by Frank Lloyd Wright

W08 Wright Graphic

Adult  Sm. - XXL • Graphite
Longsleeve  Sm. - XXL • Stone Blue

text and red forms on black

W05 Organic Commandment

Adult  Sm. - XXL • Black
Ladies Fitted Tee   Sm. - XL • Black

ecru with typed definition of architect written by Frank Lloyd Wright

W02 Definition of an Architect

Adult  Sm. - XXL • Denim
Longsleeve  Sm. - XXL • Denim


frank lloyd wright chicago design

W25 Breath of Art
"Johnson Wax Building"
Adult  Sm. - XXL • Black

frank lloyd wright chicago design

W26 Chicago

Adult  Sm. - XXL • Black

colorful stained glass abstract on a purple

W14 Imperial peacock

Ladies Fitted Tee   Sm. - XL • Plum

colored pencils in a row on white

W03 Pencils

Adult  Sm. - XXL • White
Ladies Fitted Tee   Sm. - XL • White
Youth  Sm. - L • White

rendering of building

W15 Robie House

Adult  Sm. - XXL • Stone Blue

drafted fallingwater drawing by Wright

W06 Kaufmann House

Adult  Sm. - XXL • Stone

overlapping round shapes on ecru

W13 March Balloons

Adult  Sm. - XXL • Natural
Youth  X Sm. - L • Natural
Longsleeve  Sm. - XXL • Natural

stained glass frames and colors on white

W04 Coonley Windows

Adult  Sm. - XXL • White
Youth  Sm. - L • White

colorful stained glass abstract on a grayish green

W01 Saguaro Forms

Adult  Sm. - XXL • Sage
Longsleeve  Sm. - XXL • Sage

All designs are copyright 2007 Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. All rights reserved.